Thinking of getting out because you hate the leaders in the military? You probably think the leaders you have are the worst and that civilian leaders could not possibly be this bad. It makes sense you with a bad leader this means lots of fuck, fuck games and just needing to do what they say. Blaming our leaders for being so bad is just another thing we complain about. But let me break down this dream or idea of civilian leaders being so much better. Get ready for dose of a hard truth!

Military Leaders

Lets be honest for a moment and discuss military leaders. Not all of them are bad leaders, and when you have a good leader it is pretty great. However, you can probably agree it is very easy to differentiate a good leader from a bad leader. You can usually tell when you first meet them. Cue in unneeded stress and just an overall bad time if you get a bad leader. What makes having a bad leader so crappy is that they can pretty much make you hate life. If a leader wands to mess with you or if you are on the bad side of one…. Well good luck.

Military Leaders Compared to Civilian Leaders

Now it’s understandable to think by getting out of the military you can get away from bad leaders. But here comes the dose of a hard truth. If you really think about it, military leaders for the most part are better leaders than civilian leaders. Just think about the training that is shoved down our throats about leadership. MarineNet courses, NCO course, SNCO courses, and just all the training. You may think they do not help, and when you think about it, it’s almost surprising that they can be bad leaders in the military with such an emphasis on being leader. But civilians do not get any of this and it takes them much longer to be in leadership positions compared to those in the military. Think about it a college grad will be 21-22 when they graduate and then get an entry level job. If you joined the military at 18, by 21-22 you are probably already in some type of leadership position. So let’s be logical here and honest, that for the most part on leadership military members are for the most part better. Its just hard for us to admit it because if/when you have a bad leader in the military, you life can just suck so much.

Civilian Leaders

I will speak from experience here, but from the several jobs I have had on the civilian side I have seen many different leaders on the civilian side. What I will say next will surprise you, but I really believe the worst military leader you have had is still a better leader than most leaders on the civilian side. I know, I know it sounds odd, and even more so to think about. But I think it’s a pretty accurate statement. Some (many) civilian leaders don’t really know what they are doing, and trust me when you get out you will know what I am talking about. Also you have to remember many jobs are 9-5 jobs where at 5 its done. When you are in the military its not really like that because if something needs to get done well it needs to get done. Plus there is a bigger emphasis on leadership in the military. On the civilian side yes leadership is important and sought after, but there is not as much emphasis on it, not nearly as in the military. Am I saying that all civilian leaders are trash? No, some are good. Just like they are also great leaders in the military and also some bad that will make you hate your life. Just remember, don’t think all civilian leaders are somehow better than military leaders. You probably just have a garbage leader at the moment.


Think about you and how you are as a leader. If you are reading this you have probably been in the military for a while now. You have seen many leaders already, and probably are a leader now. Do you really think many civilian leaders will be as good as you when it comes to leadership? Probably not.

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Think Military Leaders are Bad Wait For Civilian Leaders
Think Military Leaders are Bad Wait For Civilian Leaders
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