Being stationed in Okinawa can be good, even though you will most likely hear a lot of bad things about Okinawa from most people (military people love to complain). For some it might just be weird since you are moving so far from the United States as there is a 13-hour time difference. This will obviously make it much harder communicating with everyone in the US.  However, being stationed in Okinawa can actually be fun and be a great experience. When would you ever get live on an island for two years? Think about that.

But Let’s Start off with the Bad

Before we get to all the good things about Okinawa, lets first talk about the bad. You will first need to get used to some things being stationed in Okinawa. So right off the bat here are some things that you will need to get used to:

– It’s a different culture; Respect it

– You will need to meet new people as you will most likely know no one on the island

– It will be harder communicating with people in the US due to the time difference

– You may (most likely) will be treated as a very special child on Okinawa (it is the military after all)

Different Culture

As for getting used to the different culture, you actually get some briefs about getting accustomed to living in Okinawa. You will get some understanding of the culture and of the people. Also what Okinawans consider disrespectful. Like don’t put chopsticks upright in rice, its offensive. Oh, also this probably doesn’t need to be said, but I will say it. All of their cars are small. Like their trucks are small. Like I said it probably doesn’t need to be said but I will say it. It’s very different from normally seeing Ford trucks. It is a different culture but I would say they are the nicest people and I am not a man of science, but it may correlate to how long they live. But again I am not a man of science.

Meeting New People

If Okinawa is your first duty station then you will probably not know too many people, unless you get stationed in Oki with someone from your MOS school. Then you will know one person. I say this because if you are usually quiet you will want to be friendly as you want to meet new people. Again, you will not know anyone, and the friendships you make in Okinawa are pretty great. The friends you make in Okinawa is different than being stationed in the East or West Coast because you get much closer to them. They is actually a comradery. Just think about it who else will you be talking too.

Being Treated Like a Special Kid

Being treated like a kid more. Now this one will probably be what you hear most people stationed in Oki complain about. You will also most likely not have a car during your time in Okinawa if you are an unaccompanied Sergeant or below. You have a midnight curfew where you need to be back on base before midnight. Oh, and you will need to go off base with a buddy. I said you would be treated like a child.


Okay so the bad of Okinawa’s been presented and now you know what to expect. Hopefully it will make things easier for you and help you transition more. Originally this was supposed to be a post about being stationed in Okinawa starting off talking about the bad then the good. But then I thought the good it should be its own post. Having fun being stationed in Okinawa is very much possible and that is coming next. Also, I am not the biggest fan of the ending of this post because it is not the most hopeful read in thinking Okinawa can be fun. But it can be.

Feel free to comment on anything and share this post. Check out my other posts for those thinking about getting into the military.

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