Seeing as the holidays are here, I wanted to talk about what most Marines, all veterans really, overlook when they are in which is keep it fun! What I mean by that it is sad that most of us don’t realize it until we have gotten out, myself included. It is the times that we are having fun being in with our brothers and sisters. We all complain about being in one way or the other. Lets admit we all do and sometimes we are almost constant complainers.

Reminder to have Fun

Sometimes, we need a reminder to be grateful for being in. I know, I know it is such a weird thought. Many of you may be thinking, “ Grateful? Grateful for what? For having duty on holidays, being yelled out for having the audacity to use logic, developing a drinking problem?” I’m saying be grateful for the camaraderie, for friendships you create, and for just messing around being in. It is easy to complain and to get in that habit, but what I am trying to say is if I was in again I would try to remember to keep it fun. Relish in the absurdity of the military, still get the job done, but just have fun doing it.


When you are getting screwed over or are in a crappy situation remember to keep it fun as much as you can. We have all been in these situations and we have seen some Marines either complain like crazy and make the situation even worse, and we have seen others where they try to stay positive or make the most of it. I have been both and I would rather have been positive.

Even Top Leaders Smiling- Keep it Fun
Even if the top leaders can smile and have fun. Keep it Fun… I like to think they are smiling about their next idea to mess with Marines.

Happy Holidays and just remember for the good times while you were in and to try to keep it fun. Feel free to subscribe for any new posts at the bottom and comment below!

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