The “About Me” page. Well I have created this website to help veterans, those still in, and those who will be going into the military.

When I went into the military, I had questions.

When I was in, I had questions.

When I got out, I had questions.

I cannot be the only one with questions, so this site has been created to help answer questions, help in any phase mentioned above, and to provide some humor. A bit of comradery as well.

One thing I did notice being in was that as a group we all have all the knowledge to help each other, but we never really did. This site will hopefully be a bridge for us to help each other.

Not too get to down, but also, I have seen too many veterans struggle once they get out. It sucks to see and sucks even more when someone you know becomes a part of the 22.

So send a questions, a story, and just something if you want. You can go the contact page.

Short, sweet and to the point!

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