You may have some questions or always wondered how life is like being the military. As in is it always like being in bootcamp where you are getting yelled at? Or you may have wondered if military people have any lives outside of the military. You may have also thought what happens just day to day? Here is where I come in to answer the question of, “What life is like being in the military?”

What Military Life Is Not

First off, we are talking about life after the workday. As every job is different and every place you are stationed at is also different. So, after you are done and head back home.

To start off with and help clear up any questions about living like in bootcamp the entire time you or someone is in the military you are not getting yelled at like you are in bootcamp. That bootcamp yelling is really only in bootcamp. Or unless you are getting yelled like which really doesn’t happen that often. So, to repeat life in the military when you are done with work is not anything like being in bootcamp. After your workday you have a normal life. You are not cleaning a rifle or anything most people think of.

The Truth of Military Life

Okay so now that we have covered what the actual military life is like after work lets get into what military life actual is like. When you are active duty and after all the training, meaning after bootcamp and your MOS training, and excluding being deployed, life is essentially the same as anyone else. Really it is.

Once your workday is over then you do whatever you want. It is really nothing out of the ordinary or any different. Your private life or life after work is yours and you can do what you want. People can do whatever they want and live their lives. Some people play video games, some go to school, you can take hobbies, hell some even try to have a family. Really if you just show up for work, show up for PT, and don’t get in trouble no one really cares what you do.

Barracks Life

If you live in the barracks, then really you most likely have a roommate and have field days on Thursdays. But you can still do whatever you want. You can play video games, binge on Netflix, do whatever really. Barracks life is a whole other thing that I will write a separate post about. Just because barracks life can be interesting and I wouldn’t be doing it its respect by not giving a whole post on it

What Did You Think Military Life is Like

I don’t know people think military life is like. But I would love to know what you all think military life is like. Feel free to comment below on anything you thought military life is like.

Also feel free to ask any question you would like to get answered.

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What Military Life is Like
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