Are you thinking about joining the Marines? Are you curious to what the first steps into becoming a Marine are? This is where being a Marine Poolee comes into play. Being a Marine Poolee is the first step into becoming a Marine and getting a somewhat neat blue shirt with the Marines EGA on it.

What is Marine Poolee

A Marine Poolee is just someone who has already gone through some of steps to become a Marine. A poolee has already gone through MEPS, done their ASVAB, and has sworn in. They also get a pretty neat blue shirt that you will see all poolees wear. You will also be given a ship date which tells you when you are scheduled to go to bootcamp. This is really when things get a bit more serious. However, at this stage it is okay you are most likely in an open contract and it is fine to not meet the physical standards yet. As the idea is while you are in the DEP you can hopefully get out of an open contract to one that you want and improve your physical fitness to be able to go to bootcamp. You also can still have long hair and facial hair. Just in case you were wondering.

Can you still back out?

Yes, at this stage you can still back out. Nothing bad will happen, except your recruiter will probably not be your biggest fan since he or she lost a contract. But that is the recruiter’s problem and you should not be concerned with that if you really think you do not want to go through with becoming a Marine. I am not here to tell everyone to be a Marine, I’m just here to tell you the truth with hopefully not any bias.

Being a Marine Poolee

Being a Marine Poolee means you are currently set to go to bootcamp and become a Marine. This however does not mean you are one, and don’t need to be arrogant about being a Marine Poolee. So don’t be that poolee who thinks they are a badass, and there are some who act this way. It’s cool that you have decided to be a poolee but just don’t go overboard with it.

This also means you will most likely will be required to start going to the DEP workouts that they do on Saturdays. These were kind of mandatory at my DEP. Where one of the two of these DEP workouts were just IST’s to see who could pass the IST. The other workout was just a workout that recruiters ran with all the other poolees.

Don’t be like me and sleep in on your first DEP workout. That’s what happened to me and I was slightly embarrassed. I never oversleep and when I showed up the DEP workout my recruiter gave me a 10 pound dumbbell to carry throughout the entire DEP workout. A workout buddy if you will. So any workout we did I had to carry my buddy during whatever exercise we were doing. We are doing sprints, well I need to do it holding my buddy. Squats, squats with my buddy. End the DEP workout with a 1.5-mile run, oh I will also be doing that with my buddy. Was it kind of funny? Not during, but now it is.

Being a Marine Poolee
Neat Marine Poolee shirt

Marine Poolees

Congrats on your decision on completing your first steps in being a Marine. Don’t go overboard with being a Marine Poolee, and if you do its okay. But you will look back once you have completed bootcamp and just feel embarrassed you acted like an idiot. Any concerns or questions feel free to comment below.

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