You have decided to go back to college after being in the military and you are worrying about being able to succeed in college. You have some anxiety going back to school and being a student again. Needing to study again and deciding on a degree. This is normal and it is normal to have some anxiety.

Succeeding in College Academically

First off if you have never been good at school and just worrying about able to keep up. Its okay calm down, take a breath and just understand you will need to put in the work to succeed in college. Give yourself some credit and understand you probably have done some pretty hard things in the military, and now you are just dealing with college stuff. Understand a lot of idiots graduate college every year, some with massive debt. Once you see some of the students you will understand and think well okay, I got this, and it won’t be as hard as you are making it out to be.

Another thing to remember is that you are getting a college education debt free and you actually being paid to go to school. But understand if you are really worried or just want to succeed in college with A’s its doable. You will just need to put in the work and actually study.

Key to Succeeding In College

A big key in succeeding in college is a getting a degree that aligns with what you want to do in life. Because let me tell you it is horrible when you hear a veteran run out of their Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits because they kept switching up their degrees/major. So give it some serious thought which degree you want as it is important. Engineering, business, medicine, computer science, whatever you are interested in and would want to do.

Another horrible thing to see is a veteran getting their degree that is not very marketable and they struggle to get a job afterwards. It’s like sometimes these veterans just don’t think long term. If you are going to get a degree in a field that has few job opportunities don’t complain if you can’t get a job afterwards because well that was the risk with that particular degree. But even if you decide to pursue a degree like that, then you should ensure you do everything you can to increase the likelihood of getting a job afterwards. Even for jobs with high demand it is always a good idea to get internships during college at least once during your college career. Internships do help you stand out and usually lead to a with that company, usually.

A reminder that with the Post 9/11 GI Bill you have 36 months of educational benefits. If you did some college during your time in the military you may be able to get a master’s degree, depending on the amount of credits you already have. And if a graduate degree is what you want. I’m just saying it is possible. This is just a thought. But the Post 9/11 GI Bill is something great that can really help you, so don’t take it for granted.


This post is was very broad in how to succeed in college. Another post will be up on how to study better that gets results. It is how I graduated with a 3.7 GPA, so I think it works. So it is possible to succeed in college after the military. Others had done it and so can you.

In another post I will also talk about Vocational Rehab which can extend educational benefits somewhat to help you obtain a job if you have a 10% disability rating.

But this post was just to remind and soothe those anxious thoughts about going back to college. Just put in the work, be smart about how you do things, and don’t mess this opportunity up.

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Succeed In College After Military
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