You are finally getting out, you are excited to EAS and you know you will be successful in the civilian world. You know what you want and are going to go after it. Love hearing this by the way! However, understand that you will need to expect change and keep an open mind to be be successful. Um, what? You may be thinking this. Like, what are you talking about and why would I need to expect change and keep an open mind. Why should veterans expect any sort of change?

Environment Change

For one your entire environment will change. Your work, life, and even social life is going to change. Your current environment and the one you have had for however long you have been in the military has been a military environment. So once you get out you will most likely not be in a military environment anymore. Unless you still work in some way with the military or live near a military base. Remember not everyone has been in the military and thinks like someone in the military would. So you need to keep an open mind and expect change when you get out. People will think different than you are used to. Its going to be different so expect it and keep an open mind to how civilians do things work wise and even in communication. For example, say “tracking or you don’t “rate” that and you will soon understand civilians don’t understand those words. And really how would they?

What to Expect?

So don’t be so surprised and don’t get frustrated when you experience this culture shock. You may not be able to talk and in some ways act like you did in the military in the civilian world. Another example, cursing in the military is more welcomed, but in the civilian side it is not. Haha so just again expect change and be open minded to your new environment. With this being said of expecting change and keeping an open mind also be ready for you to change and adapt in ways too. There are many positive aspects you have gained in the military, but some may not carry over in the civilian world. So keep the good things you have learned and leave the bad things.


There is a lot of things when you get out will be a culture shock. But an inability to change and to be close minded will cause you problems and unneeded stress. This is one thing I hate to see and also frustrates me. It is frustrating to see a veteran expecting things to be the same as it was in the military. Its foolish and really you will need to adapt. You may think of this wont be me or be asking what are you talking about. Expecting things like people not respecting you as much as when you were in leadership position like you were in the military, expecting the military to figure out your housing, expecting civilians to behave the way people in the military do, or expecting you can yell at others. So veterans expect change.

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Veterans Expect Change

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