National Park Free with Lifetime Access Pass
Guess which National Park this is!

Did you know as a veteran you can get a lifetime access pass to National Parks for free! Many veterans are not aware of this but as a veteran with a disability rating you can get a lifetime pass for any National Park in the US.

Benefits in Having Lifetime Pass

If you have never been to National Parks, some can actually be very fun to check out. Some can have nice hikes with beautiful views, some can have waterfalls, and others can be long ass hikes. Just so you know many National Parks have fees to enter. The prices range, but some could up to 35 dollars. I have seen prices to enter National Parks at 35 dollars for the really popular ones, like the Grand Canyon. But with this lifetime access pass the entrance will be free. The cost to enter National Parks are per vehicle. So if you heading to a National Park with your family and/or friends you can cover the cost for them all with this lifetime access.

Obtaining the Pass

The way to get the Lifetime Access pass is refreshingly and surprisingly easy. Very unmilitary-like. There are two ways to get the free lifetime access pass to National Parks:

– Through the mail which will cost $10 (Cost is just to processing the application, pass is free)

– Or you can go to a Federal Recreation site and you can get the pass there. No fee as you are there is application processing fee unlike the mailing method. To see Federal Recreation sites I have put the link below. I used this method to get my pass. The Federal Recreation site I used that was close to me was actually a State Park and not a National Park. I called just to verify I could get my lifetime access pass and they said yes. So I went and gave them the items they needed and had my pass.

*Also sometimes you can get a discount when you use your Lifetime Pass going into a State Park, sometimes.

Items Needed For Lifetime Pass

You may now be thinking what you will need to get this pass. Obviously, you can’t just go to a Federal Recreation Site and just say you are a veteran with a disability and get a lifetime pass. All you need is your VA letter stating you have a disability and your photo id. That’s it. Really simple. They process it there, and you get the lifetime access pass. And that’s it. Enjoy your Lifetime Pass to all National Parks!


This is just a nice perk to have and one that I have used a lot to enter National Parks. If you have a disability rating it can be something you have just in case, you ever want to go to a National Park.

Links below for more info about this pass.

Mailing Method

Federal Recreation Site List

Other Outside Link for more info:

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