If you have ever been on a board either for a meritorious board, NCO of the Quarter, or any other you will be surprised that boards actually help in job interviews. Surprised? I sure was once I got out and saw the similarities between the two. So before you start thinking they are stupid and just a military thing hear me out. However, I completely understand why most people just hate them, I certainly did. For one, you usually get placed on the board for being good at your job, so you are essentially tasked with more work just because you are dong a good job. Boards are stressful, bring on anxiety, and are situations where you can make yourself look like an idiot in front of higher ups. I’m speaking from experience here.

Selected for a Board- Job Interview
When you find out you have been selected to compete on a board.

But let me tell you that preparing for a board is very similar to how to be prepare for a job interview. The preparation you would do for a board is essentially the same you would to have a successful job interview.

Job Interviews

Once you get out and you start going on job interviews you will understand how boards help for job interviews. The same way you would prepare yourself to be successful in a board is the same preparation you do to be successful for a job interview. When you think about it being on a board comes down to how you present yourself, preparation, which leads to confidence. A good blueprint to win a board is to be loud, not timid (making your presence known), preparing yourself (doing mock boards before the actual board, prepared answers to common questions, strategies to answer questions that are unexpected). *Hint repeat the question back to give you some time to think of a response

These all things you can do for a job interview too. I would say being loud however can be taken down a notch though. The same preparation would work well in job interviews. Again I am speaking from experience here.

Preparing for Job Interviews/Boards

Just like when you prepare for a board you can do the same for a job interview. Uniform squared away/ have your clothes for your job interview squared away. Study knowledge questions/ understand the job you are applying for. Have answers to what they will most likely ask, rehearse them as odd as that might sound. It pays off since you will sound confident and not timid like the majority of the applicants who will stumble in answering this type of question.

Preparing for questions I would say is a great idea. You will most likely be asked questions that you know will be asked. For example, what makes you a good fit for this job? How would you handle a bad customer? Name a time that you struggled at your job, and what how did you handle it? What’s your biggest accomplishment? These and obviously there are other questions you can safely assume have a high probability of being asked. Have your answers to these to appear prepared? Especially if there is something you have to explain, like an NJP, DUI, or something like that. This preparation makes you stand out and gives you confidence that any employer would want.  


So, if you ever go on a board, or have already been on one know that it’s a not wasted time. All the things that you do to prepare for a board can translate to the civilian world. The same way you prepare for a board is the same way you can prepare for a job interview. The way you present yourself, your preparation, and your confidence will separate you from other candidates to increase your chances of actually getting the job. I understand complaining when you are on a board, I certainly did. Heck, I lost three boards, until I started winning, so I definitely didn’t like them. Just keep in mind when you are preparing for a board that there are not a waste of time and once you start going to job interviews, they will be easier for you. Again, speaking from experience here.  

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