TRS – Transition Readiness Seminar, it sounds like a good idea and it certainly means well, but there are some TRS problems that you should be aware of when you go. Let me start off by saying that it does have many benefits that help ease the process of getting out. However, it fails to address a big thing. You will get a lot of information during this week, information overload really, but the main problem is your mindset needs to shift. Additionally, if you haven’t started making plans once you get out, you will start to think, worry, and stress about all the plans you will need to make. I say this because it happened to me, and most likely this also happens to many others.

Main TRS Problems

I believe there is one main problem with the TRS that should be addressed. That problem is that you are still in that military mindset. It’s the way your mind thinks, works, and it’s what your mindset has been for several years. When I went to TRS I was not aware of all the things that I needed to figure out once I got out. I felt overwhelmed by it all really. I was overwhelmed by all the choices and all the variables of exiting the military. You have to remember when you are in the military everything is really taken care of for you regarding your housing, medical, dental, and income. Especially if you came into the military like I did and that in your adult life all you know is a military life. You have to understand to shift some of your mindset from just having a military mindset to a more open one to accept changes. Once you EAS changes will occur and that is okay, but don’t be stubborn and stick with your military ways. Also take your pride away and ask questions if you have them too.

Take TRS Seriously

It would not be realistic if I did not mention how many of you think that this week will be an easy week where you can drift off. So, I have to say this, Take it seriously”. The information given is actually useful. I will admit when I did TRS I did not take it seriously as I should have, mostly because it was a lot of information at once for me, and the realities of getting out didn’t really hit me. But taking it seriously will help you in the future once you get out. It is your future and just take it seriously, so you are at least aware of what the instructors are telling you. Regarding budgeting, resumes, health insurance, etc.

How I Would Do TRS Over Again

In a previous post I write about how the best thing I wished I had done, is to setup a vision for my life after the military, seeing five years ahead. I would have graduated a year earlier and I would have positioned myself better in what I want.

So if I had to do TRS again, to be better prepared and avoid unnecessary stress I would have done this.

I’m a fan of simple tools/processes that are effective. I would have made a list of all the things I would need to get done and plan out when I would want them completed by. Simple as that. This would have kept me from stressing myself out and from going crazy from all the things I need to complete. Simply a to do list and a planner to give myself time to complete what I needed to complete and be better prepared once I got out.

Planner - To Do List
TRS Problems
Its simple, but creating a To Do List and having a planner will help.

Here are some things you will need to complete for example:

– Housing

            Where and what type

– Health Insurance

            Signing up for VA Healthcare (when)

– Decision to go to school or enter workforce immediately (or both)

– Budgeting

– Resume

– What companies to apply for

– Vision for myself

These are things to consider and there are probably more things to add to your list that need to be taken care of. It can feel overwhelming, but I will honestly say if I just made a to do list and used a planner it would have been much easier and less stressful. I wouldn’t wait to the end to decide on all of these things like I pretty much did.


Its okay to feel overwhelmed by TRS as your life will inevitable change. Just remember when you go to TRS to shift your mindset from solely a military one to one that is more open and understanding of the new changes that will be happening in your life. A good idea and one that I would recommend too is making a to do list and having a planner to getting yourself prepared. I believe this will help avoid TRS problems.

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