You are probably very excited on the thought of EASing, and probably have not given one single thought to any EAS planning. Especially, at first when you start thinking of all the bs that you will soon no longer have to deal with. No more inspections, dealing with higher ups, dumb rules, or mass punishments that the military is so fond of. It really is exciting to think about and you can’t wait to get out. That is all fine but there will come a time when reality starts to sink in. Like,”oh what will I do once I get out, where will I live, what will I do after, will I go to school, will I work, will I work and go to school”? This may give you some anxiety about your future and what will happen to you when you leave. It hit me when I went to IPAC and I knew the day my terminal leave started.

For anyone thinking about getting out, or about to, I would recommend to start planning your EAS. Honestly, have a plan on what you will do afterwards and try think about how you want your future to be. It’s a lot to think about, but having a plan or better yet a vision for your future helps a lot. I didn’t do this but I wish I knew this. TRS helps some, it does, but it is a lot of information at once. During that week you are also needing to start thinking about all the things you need to do.

Having a Plan/Vision

The reason I would recommend having a vision for your future is because it helps a lot. Your focus will be narrowed down and it will be easier for you to make decisions and plan. Once you know what you are doing and want to do making decisions is easier. You will not waste time figuring things out as time goes on as many do. Its hard to hear those vets who use up all their Post 9/11 GI Bill without a degree. It happens and it usually is the result of the vet continually switching up their majors not knowing what they want. Which is in some part they had no vision to begin with. This happened to me at a smaller scale where I could have graduated with my bachelors a year earlier but switched up my major. This could have been avoided really if I did some planned my EAS.


Give your future some thought once you EAS is what I would say. Whatever you decide to do just follow through, do some research on it, and execute on it. Obviously, the more time you have before you EAS the better.

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EAS Planning
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